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@themactep In that case the error message will have to point back to the first paragraph of the README. Sure, it can be done, but it might not be enough to fix the underlying issue I'm talking about

@themactep I don't think you should take every single step which is viable and potentially useful, engineering at its core is a constant process of making trade offs and over-engineering might cause even more headaches down the road (e.g. choosing the wrong abstractions).

So, if I get it right, your argument is that every process that can potentially be automated should be automated?

Take the VPN client as example: is it worth to add integrations for every possible arch/client combination?

@themactep for something easy to do programmatically, like check versions or connectivity, it might do.

Not every process though is easy to automate: how about cases like getting in possession of various auth tokens? or starting a VPN desktop client? You want to support various platforms too, eg Linux Windows and macOS.

Should the tool be responsible to install all dependencies? like the Go runtime and its env? what if the user is not using a default shell?

The rabbit hole goes deep...

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